As autograph collecting gained momentum in the early 1970s, the authenticity of a signature, along with its demand and rarity, determined the value. Over the years, authentication has gone from having an autograph signed in front of you when you went to the ballpark to public autograph signings to companies hiring athletes to sign autographs. The problem has always been if you didn’t get it yourself, how do you know that it’s real. Read more


Sports, entertainment, and historical autographs can be submitted to GFA. From George Washington to Barack Obama, Babe Ruth to Tim Tebow, Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars; GFA can handle a variety of signatures. GFA employs forensically trained experts with a diverse knowledge and years of professional experience to examine your signatures. Read more

Science & Technology

Today, signatures that have been signed in the past, signed in the presence, or signed recently deserve the respect of a thorough examination as the signer of the item intended. An opinion based on who submitted the item, the population of the item, and an authenticator that has not been trained in the scientific approach, does not give the customer the type of examination they expect and deserve. Read more